Competition types

We offer you multiple competition formats. Leagues , little tournaments with playoffs, balanced little tournaments with promotions and relegations. Knockout brackets (single match or two-legged tie with consolation stage. You can also organize padel and tennis leagues.


Round-robin competition format. Automatically create the game calendar in a click. Real-time update of the qualification/table.

Are you using a custom scoring system?. User our formula editor to generate any kind of classification.

Impression in PDF of the calendar and standings/qualification.

Little tournament

Multiple groups in the competition format "all against all". Automatic creation of the game calendar with only one click. Classification updating in real time.

Automatic generation of playoffs stage with the qualifyed teams/participants.

Impression in PDF of the calendar and standings/qualification.

Knockout brackets or playoffs

Single and double KO. elimmination bracket. Consolation brackets included. When you enter the results, participants will automatically get through the next round or consolation round.

Auto-assign courts and times.

Full screen mode for a better display of the bracket.

Blanaced leagues

This competition system is mainly used in padel and tennis. Encourage the competition and the interest among participants during the season. At the beggining of the league, participants are split in groups according to their initial level. Every so often defined by the organization, participants promote and relegate from group.

Leagues for teams

This competition system is also used in Padel and Tennis. It consists in a league where teams play in a round-robin format. Matches are played in two or more fixtures where players can play each other individually or by creating doubles teams.

More than 30 sports: Padel, football, tennis, basketball, futsal, football 7, esports.

We make it easy for you to organize and manage your own leagues and tournaments.

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