Create tournaments and padel leagues

Forget about using Excel, use the best program to create and organize padel tournaments and leagues. Multiple competition formats such as leagues, groups + playoffs, level rankings with promotion and relegation, team leagues and playoffs. Website and application. Personalized support.


Set up online registrations to make the registration easier and inrease the number of doubles teams that sign up for your tournaments or matches/games.

Select our predefined or customized fieds and create your own registration forms.

Easy doubles teams management using our registered panel.

Matches/games calendar

Create with a click calendars for matches/games and fixtures.

Automatically assign time and court to matches based on court availability and player preferences.

Allow to doubles teams to enter their own results.

Should the players organize themselves to play their matches? Enable the match planner for players to make date proposals.

Fluid communication between players through game chat and WhatsApp.


Automatic updates for classification/standingss in leagues and small tournaments.

Allow adding bonuses and penalties points to the doubles teams.

Customize fields and the scoring system. You can give points depending on results, sets won, sets lost, etc.

Impression in PDF.

Knockout brackets

Knockout brackets. Doubles teams automatically get through to the next round or consolation round as results are added.

Consolation bracket and match/game for the 3th/4th position.

Impression of brackets in PDF.

Web and mobile App

Players will be able to follow the competition from the Xporty website and mobile application.

Notifications of results, date changes, messages, etc.

Available for iOS and Android.

Do you need a personalized website and mobile application with your domain, logo and image? Find out here .

More than 30 sports: Padel, football, tennis, basketball, futsal, football 7, esports.

We make it easy for you to organize and manage your own leagues and tournaments.

Create your league or tournament for free!

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