Knockout brackets

Quickly generate brackets for your knockout tournaments. Make pairings using top-seeded teams. Set up schedules and courts/pitches for your tournament according to participants' time preferences.


Single and double-elimmination bracket. Add consolation brackets. Participants will automatically get through the next round or consolation stage after their results are added.

Full screen mode for a better display of the bracket.

Impression of brackets in PDF.

Generate brackets with a click

Create pairings selecting the teams by draw or selecting them according to participants' time preferences.

Choose top-seeded players among the participants so they cannot play each other in the first round.

Generate 3rd position playoff.

The bracket takes the rampage into account guaranteeing the minimum number of matches

Automatic courts and schedules

Define the availabilty of courts/pitches and thanks to our online registration system gather information about the participants' time preferences.

Assign court/pitch preferences per category.

Set up the length for the matches and the minimum rest between matches/games. The system considers the players who simultaneously play in differents categories.

More than 30 sports: Padel, football, tennis, basketball, futsal, football 7, esports.

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