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Xporty is a software that allows you to organize all kind of sport competitions in an easy and flexible way, saving time and making a better exoerience for the participants.

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What is Xporty?

Xporty is a manage software for tournaments, leagues and competitions that allows you to organize saving time and creating in a easy and flexible way a unique experience.

Our managing system provides you with the most useful tools to organize all kind of tournaments creating a totally unique and costumized experience.

Earnings for the Organizer


Xporty is an easy and flexible sport manage software that allows a quick configuration and adaptation.

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A totally custom platform, easy to adapt to your corportice identity and to your needs.

Better communication

You will be able to create a fluid communication with the participants and keep them informed in a eassy and quick way.

Mobile app

Players can get notifications by using our mobile app for Android and iOS.

Earnings for partitipants.

Tournament organizers are not the only ones with benefits around here. Participants in a tournament created on Xporty will also have benefits to make their experiences better.

Better costumer experience. Thanks to our website and mobile app, participants will have the most unique and customized experience.

Fluent communication. Players will be able to access the tournament information, check anything at any moment and receive notifications.


Multiple funcionalities for any type of competition

Competition systems

Our application is very flexible and helps you organizing all kind of competitions: tournaments, leagues, rankings, Cups, circuits. Padel and tennis leagues.


Configure the registration forms as you need adding customized fields. Set up an online registration or manually add the participants.


Manually or automatically generate fixtures and matchdays, as many as you want, for your tournaments.

Rounds and brackets

Create as many stages as you need. Automatically generate groups. Leagues, knockout stages that involve a one game/match, two-legged tie or the best of three or more games/matches and consolation stage. Everything simply and quickly created.

Automatic Schedule

Automatically generate schedules for the matches according to participants' time preferences and also to the courts/pitches availability.


Automatic classifications/standingss. Customized formulas. Apply bonuses or penalties on the field that you need.

Courts/pitches management

Define the time availability of courts and pitches to automatic create brackets with schedules and courts/pitches. Check at any time to see wether a court/pitch is available.


You can assign referees to matches/games so they can load the results and stats of the matches/games that they referee.

Players list

Allow making single registrations to a player list and afterwards create doubles teams or automatically generate them ramndonly or depending of their time preferences.


Penalties management. Set up fines and bans for the players or participants.


You can create a competition suitable for everybody or set it up as private so only friends or selected participants can see it.


Print out standingss, matches/games calendar, calendar by court/pitch or game order and hang them on the noticeboard of your club or just have them at hand.

Mobile app

Use the Xporty free app for your participants. Players will easily have access to all the information about the competition, registrations and schedules of the matches.


Provide a privileged space to your sponsors so their brand will have better visibility in your tournament.

Results management

You can activate the option which allows participants to enter their match/game results, with validation option from the opponents.


If you need more people to manage your tournament, you can add results managers or administrators to manage that process.

Our clients

Coimbra Pádel
Cercle Sabadelles
Circuito GuinotPrunera
One16Sports. Circuito de pádel Adeslas
Pádel la Marató
Major League Pádel
Fútbol sala Estella Lizarra
Girona Pádel Cup
Mataos del pádel

"Realizamos torneos de gran envergadura, y lo que más me gustaría destacar es la atención tan personalizada que ofrecen, en cualquier momento y con una eficacia fuera de lo común. Esto nos ha permitido amoldar la aplicación a nuestro gusto, resolviendo problemas sobre la marcha y resultando una herramienta imprescindible para la organización de los torneos y ligas que llevamos a cabo a lo largo del año. Altamente recomendable."

Manuel López, director técnico ASOBAP

"El mejor software de gestion de torneos con diferencia: ágil, flexible e intuitivo."

Jordi Serra, Circuito GuinotPrunera

"La plataforma de gestión de torneos más flexible y completa que he visto nunca. La atención al cliente impecable. Muy contento con el cambio. La recomiendo a todos."

Marc Carballeira, director Força Miquel

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